Pay Per Click Advertising And Its Relationship With Digital Marketing

Pay per click advertising or PPC is an online marketing technique, which is part of Maimi SEO Expert digital marketing. In PPC, whenever a user clicks on an ad that is part of a PPC campaign, the marketer has to pay for the click. The most commonly used type of PPC is paid search ad, and these ads appear in search engine results, particularly when a user is looking to buy something.

Ad Auction

Every marketer would want their ad to appear more prominently, as compared to their competitors. However, this doesnt mean that the marketer can pay the search engine more than what the competitors are paying. In PPC, an ad auction takes place, which is an automated process through which Google and other search engines assess an ad, determines whether it is valid and relevant, and then that ad appears in search engine results.

Bidding System

In an auction, multiple parties place their bids, and it is no different for PPC. The keywords that marketers want to trigger, like camping equipment, they bid on those terms. When a user, for example, looks for camping equipment, then the search engine carries out a calculation based on ad auction, and then displays ads that are relevant to the keywords that the user has typed.

Managing A PPC Campaign

In order to mange a PPC campaign, a marketer has to look for the following things, continually; making changes every now and then in the ongoing PPC campaign, can be fruitful for a company:

Adding PPC keywords: If a marketer wants the PPC campaign to reach more customers, then he should add keywords that are relevant to the business, and not just stick with the old keywords

Negative Keywords: To improve the relevancy of a PPC campaign, it is best to include keywords that are non-converting

Splitting Up Ads: In order to improve the CTR of an ad, it is best to split up ads in smaller groups, that are more relevant for a company, and ones which will help the marketer create targeted landing pages

Costly PPC Keywords: There might be keywords that are expensive for the company, and dont perform as well, as the other keywords do; such keywords should be eliminated

Landing Pages: the content of landing pages should be modified; there should always be a call to action by marketers, to let users know what they should do; it increases the conversion rate

Benefits Of PPC

The first benefit of a PPC campaign is that a company only pays for the clicks or visits that they receive. If they think that an ad is not going to generate any results for them, then they can stop the ad right away. Secondly, a marketer gets to know right away how an ad is performing; if it is not doing well, then it needs to be changed. Lastly, when an ad is published at a platform where the target audience visits, then it reaches the right audience; this is mainly due to segmentation options.