About Seo

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. This is a technique, through which web pages get higher rank in the search engine result page. With the help of this, a web page can get more visibility and web traffic than other web pages or links.

What is the SEO technique?

Before going to understand the SEO technique, we have to understand what is Search Engine? A Search Engine is a software program which can be accessed with the help of internet and computer or laptop or mobile. A search engine stores various and unlimited information about different topics or subjects. So, when a user of internet types any topic on its search box, it instantly replies with various answers related to the topic which was typed in the search box. Some examples of Search Engines are Google, Bing, MSN etc. Now a day, Google is the most popular and used search engine of the world.

Now Search Engine Optimization or in short SEO is that technique through which a web page (stored in the search engine) gets more visibility or viewer than other pages. When a searcher searches information about any topic in the search engine, it instantly collects all the related information and displays in the SERP. But among these, some information may not be relevant or useful for the searcher. So, its become very tiring for the searcher to get the relevant information after going through all the results displayed by the search engine. So here, SEO enters to reduce the amount of challenging work. It searches all the relevant information as per the keyword given in the search box and ranks the information as per the relevance and importance and displayed in the SERP accordingly. So, its a method of giving priority to the most relevant information searched by the search engine.

SEO as a tool of digital marketing:

Now a day SEO has been used as one of the important marketing tools by the companies. With other tools of digital marketing, SEO is also used by the companies to increase sale as well as the popularity of the brand name. Companies now a day hire SEO analyst or SEO firm to popular their brand name in the search engine. They hire SEO content writer to grab the attention of Search engines by writing relevant, useful, unique articles or blog regarding their company so that it can be ranked in the top position of the SERP and thus get more web traffic and visibility.